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A Dryad's Library

Welcome to my library! Here is a curated list of what I've read in the past year. New books will continue to be added as I find them. Book recommendations are always welcome. This is my personal library and many of these books are thrifted and gifts. I encourage you to find thrifted or used books. Some books in the library may be dated and have entered public domain. They may be available for free as PDFs online. However, it is important to support authors who are alive, publishing, and updating their books.

Brickell C, Zuk J D. (1996) The American Horticultural Society A-Z Encyclopedia of Garden Plants New
Durrell, G. (1983) A Practical Guide for the Amateur Naturalist London, England: AKI
Kloss, J.(1949) Back to Eden (#th ed) California, United States: PC
Audesirk T, Audesirk G, Byers B.(2011)Biology Life on Earth with Physiology (9th ed) California, Uni
Palmer, L. (1949). Field Book of Natural History
Thayer, S. (2023). Field Guide to Edible Plants of the Eastern and Northwest Region Wisconsin, Unite
Zim H S, Martin A C. (1950) Flowers A Guide to Familiar American Wildflowers New York, United States
Holmes R, Buchanan R. (1999) Home Landscaping Midwest Region Including Southern Canada New Jersey, U
Gehring, A R. (2009) Homesteading A Backyard Guide to growing your own food, Canning, Keeping Chicke
Grimm, W. (1966) How to Recognize Shrubs New York, United States: CB
Harrison, L (2012) Latin for Gardeners Chicago, United States: UCP
Cassiday, B.(1976) Home Guide to Lawns and Landscaping (6th ed) United States
Arora, D. (1979) Mushrooms Demystified (2nd ed) New York, United States: TSP
(1980). National Audubon Field Guide to Trees Eastern Region North America(39th ed) New York, United
Jaynes, R. (1969) Handbook of North American Nut Trees Tennessee, United States: NNGA
Keeler, H. (1900). Our Native Trees(8th ed)New York, NY: CSS.
McKnight K B, Rohrer J, Ward K, McKnight K. (2021). Peterson Field Guide to Mushrooms of North Ameri
Hodge, G. (2013) Practical Botany for Gardeners Chicago, United States: UCP
Martin A, Barlowe D. (1956) Trees A Guide to Familiar American Trees (24th ed) New York, United Stat

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